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Plasma-based fabrication of nanomaterials and nanostructures is widely employed for top-downprocesses such as ULSI processing as well as bottom-up processes such as carbon nanotube production.
This research project explores frontier science of interactions between plasmas and nano-interfaces by focusing on novel features such as fluctuations of interactions due to the nanometer scale.
Plasma processing based on the science realizes highly precise top-down processes by suppressing fluctuations and well controlled self-organized bottom-up processes bycontrolling fluctuations.
This project aims to bring about an explosive development of fabrication technologies of nanomaterials and nanostructures.



A01 Generation of Nano-Interface
(1) Materials Science of Supercritical Cluster Plasma Fluid
(2) Generation of plasmas in microscopically non-uniform multiphase media and its application
(3) Science and applications of laser-induced multiphase plasmas
A02 Diagnostics of Nano-Interface
(1) Bond engineering at nano-interfaces using nanoparticle plasmas
(2) Reactive dynamics between plasma and microorganism
(3) Influence of Particle and Heat Transportation on Plasma-Material Interactions
A03 Applications of Nano-Interface
(1) Plasma-Surface Interactions during Plasma Etching for Nest-Generation Nanoscale Device Fabrication
(2) Plasma Processing in Supercritical Fluid
(3) Development of Plasma Processing Technology for Controlling Biological Activity of Fine Particles and Its Medical Application
(4) Fundamental studies on the low-cost production of high-density BN films by laser-plasma synchronous vapor deposition methods for the next-generation transparent wide bandgap semiconductor materials


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